Couple and Relationship Counselling 



Relationship and couple counselling require a specialized type of training. A skilled couple therapist is able to attend to the relationship in a balanced and fair way. It is important for each partner's needs and experiences to be heard and respected. In couples counselling, we will work to negotiate your goals with the goals of your partner and establish a counselling focus that works for both partners.


Our experienced team of relationship therapists offers diversity affirmative couple therapy at various relationship stages. Diverse relationships and all genders are welcome!



These issues are commonly addressed in couples counselling:


  • Intimacy concerns
  • Improving communication
  • Rebuilding and increasing trust 
  • Moving beyond infidelity
  • Difficulties with conflict and frequent arguments 
  • Negotiating different personalities, backgrounds, cultures, histories and beliefs 
  • Moving to a next stage in the relationship life cycle
  • Disagreement in parenting beliefs and approaches
  • Impact of past or current trauma on the relationship
  • Neurodivergence and relationships
  • Decision to end a relationship
  • Couple's boundaries



We will facilitate your work with each other in order to better face normal life transitions or in order to deal with challenging relationship situations.



Together, we will work to increase the level of intimacy and trust in your relationship, enhance the quality of your relationship with each other, explore commitment issues, address issues of past hurt and infidelity, and negotiate important relationship decisions.



Our team is highly committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment in which each partner can express their perspective and work towards accomplishing their goals. We are passionate about helping couples repair their bond, rekindle their passion for each other, or build the relationship that they are striving towards.








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