Ken Hastings, MMFT 

Ken Hastings completed his Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy degree in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Winnipeg, in 2008, and has been working as an individual, family and relationship therapist since. In his career as a therapist, Ken has had the honour of assisting many in their journey towards a healthier life. He has been particularly interested in working with men who do not have prior experience with counselling. In the past, Ken worked as a Probation Officer, helping clients cope with past traumas. This inspired him to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and to work with many others.


Ken has worked in a number of interesting places and those experiences have helped shape who he is and how he works with clients. A part of his experience includes working with Indigenous children in northern Manitoba, at a drug and alcohol treatment center and at a wellness center with clients of all ages and a variety of presenting problems. 


Here is what Ken believes about therapy: “Whatever the issue a person brings to therapy, the focus is on the relationship first.  As a therapist, I believe we need to create safety and trust first and foremost for anyone to delve into their deeper self.  Once that is attained, I apply my large body of theory and relational skills to help.  In terms of theoretical background, I am trained in family and relationship systems.  I also like to use trauma-informed, cognitive behavioral, solution-focused and narrative therapy to complement my humanistic theory and skills”.  




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